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3 in 1 Swaddle Sleep Bag3 in 1 Swaddle Sleep Bag
3 in 1 Swaddle Sleep Bag
3 in 1 Swaddle Sleep Bag 3 in 1 Swaddle Sleep Bag 3 in 1 Swaddle Sleep Bag 3 in 1 Swaddle Sleep Bag 3 in 1 Swaddle Sleep Bag 3 in 1 Swaddle Sleep Bag

3 in 1 Swaddle Sleep Bag

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  • 3 stage swaddling, 1 great product with added hip protection
  • Wrap and swaddle for a peaceful night's sleep
  • Recreates the comforting security of the womb
Suitable from: 3-6 Months

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The ClevaMamaâ„¢ 3 in 1 Swaddle Sleep Bag is the perfect sleep blanket to help your baby have a peaceful night's sleep. The removable wrap is interchangeable and grows with your baby. Upper torso swaddling is perfect for comforing your baby while protecting them from Hip Dysplasia. Made from 100% cotton it is guaranteed to be gentle on your baby's soft skin.

Medical research suggests that babies will sleep better and longer if they are swaddled.

Stage 1: Allows you to completely swaddle your baby and help prevent startle reflex one of the main reasons your baby wakes during the night.

Stage 2: Allows you to gently introduce your baby to free style sleeping while they still feel the security and closeness of their wrap. Gentle tummy wrapping can help alleviate the discomfort of trapped wind.

Stage 3: Allows your baby more movement for free style sleeping while ensuring they remain covered at all times.

Available in 0-3 & 3-6 months

Swaddle Sleep Bag InstructionsStage one Swaddling

Place wings on a flat surface and place baby into sleep bag onto of wings. Use ribbon marks to help with alignment.

Zip close using one zip from bottom up to top, making sure the second zip is still at the bottom for easy access diaper changing.

Tuck in top zip. (Fig 1) Tuck Wing from one side to another making sure it is under chin and over arms and above the hips. (Fig 2)

Wrap other wing, ensuring the mouth and nose and hips are not covered. (Fig 3)

For Diaper Changing (Fig 4)

Stage two swaddling

Repeat the above but move the wings slightly lower and swaddle around the torso under both arms but above the hips.

Wrapping should not be too tight and allow room for legs to bend and move freely. (Fig 5)

Stage 2 helps transition your baby to Stage 3 more free style sleeping while ensuring they remain covered at all times. (Fig 6)


Safety is a shared responsibility. Although this product has been manufactured according to all safety standards and requirements, we need your help in order to keep your child safe and failure to follow these instructions may cause serious injuries to your child. Ensure the wings do not cover the infant's mouth or nose and that the wings are wrapped below the chin and over the hips to help prevent the development of Hip Dysplasia.

Discontinue use of product if the fastenings are damaged.

Swaddling does not need to be tight to be effective therefore ensure your baby is not rigidly wrapped and has enough room to bend their legs.

Be aware of room temperature and clothing to ensure baby does not overheat.

Always place your baby to sleep on their back.

Check your crib meets safety standards and use a properly fitted mattress and sheet.

Do not use this product in Stage One once your baby can roll over onto their tummy.



Washing Instructions:


Swaddle Sleep Bag Care Label

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