Home Safety Starter Pack
Home Safety Starter Pack Home Safety Starter Pack

Home Safety Starter Pack

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  • Minimise hazards and baby proof your home
  • 30 multi-purpose pieces that are quick & easy to install
  • Creates a safer home for your little explorer & peace of mind for you.
Suitable from: 0 Months +

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When your baby becomes a toddler, it's time for them to explore their surroundings and home safety becomes a priority. This ClevaMama® Home Safety Pack gives you everything you need to begin baby proofing your home. This starter pack includes 30 essential pieces that are easy to install for use throughout your home. These products act as a safety aid and do not replace adult supervision. It is advised that you stop using them when your child is able to remove, open or operate any safety product.

This Starter Pack includes:
12 Socket Covers
8 Deluxe Corner Cushions
6 Cupboard/Drawer Locks
1 Multi-Purpose Lock
1 Blind Cord Wind Up
1 Toilet Seat Lock
1 Door Stop Cushion

Before using the items in this pack please make sure to clean down all areas before attaching the products.

Socket Covers

Simply insert the socket cover into the electrical point you are trying to cover. Remove by pulling.

Corner Cushions

1. Clean down the area first 2. Peel off backing paper from one side of enclosed double sided tape and apply to corner cushions on all 4 internal sides. 3. Remove remaining backing paper from the tape and press the Corner Cushion firmly onto the furniture.

Cupboards/Drawer Lock


1. Screw the receiving end of the lock to the underside of the drawer cabinet frame, 2.5cm from the side. If fitting to a cabinet the catch can alternatively be fitted to the inside wall.

2. Hold the lock prongs firmly to the inside of the drawer or cabinet door and position the prongs so that they will engage with the receiver.

3. Securely mount the lock prongs using the screws provided.

4. To open after assembly, pull open the drawer or door slightly. Gently squeeze the prongs on the lock to release the lock. With the correct alignment of the receiver and the prongs the lock will activate automatically when the drawer or cabinet has been closed.

Door Stopper

1. Simply fit to the top or outer edge of the door, regularly check for wear and ensure it's positioned correctly on the door.

Multi Purpose Latch/Toilet Seat Lock

1. Locate the best position to fit the latch.

2. Clean down and dry all surfaces before applying the product.

3. Keeping the 3 parts of the product locked together; remove the protective paper from one of the adhesive back sides.

4. Press disc firmly into place.

5. Ensuring that the flexible strap is neither loose nor tight, repeat 3 and 4.

6. Full adhesion is achieved by leaving the adhesive to set for 7 - 24 hours. To open: with one finger hold the base of the disc and with the other hand pull the strap off the disc. To close: Press the strap back onto the disc, ensuring that it engages properly.

Window Blind Cord Wind-Ups

1. Pull apart/separate the top and bottom of the lock.

2. Place the loop end of the cord over the middle pin or half way up the cord between the two internal pins.

3. Line the external cord(s) up with the open notches and firmly push the top and bottom pieces together.

4. Then holding the larger part of the unit firmly, twist the small piece clockwise to shorten the cord.

5. To unwind, hold the larger part of the unit firmly and twist the smaller part anti-clockwise.

6. Remove the cord wind up by squeezing the large unit gently and pulling the unit apart.

Cupboard Side Locks

1. Press the release tabs on either side of the locking mechanism and pull two parts completely apart.

2. Place the u-shape clamp behind the knob handles on the door or alternatively through the door handles.

3. Slide the ends of the u-shape clamp through the locking mechanism and push both sides together so that it is securely in place. The clamp has teeth on it that secure the clasp in place.

Safety is a shared responsibility. Although this product has been manufactured according to all safety standards and requirements, we need your help in order to keep your child safe and failure to follow these instructions for use may cause serious injury to your child. Remember: When baby turns to toddler they become an "Expert Explorer" and it is important that they should never be left without adult supervision. This product is only a safety aid and you should discontinue use when your child is able to remove, open or operate this or any safety product.

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