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ClevaDoor™ Kit
ClevaDoor™ Kit ClevaDoor™ Kit ClevaDoor™ Kit

ClevaDoor™ Kit

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  • Makes doors and handles safer
  • Protect your little one from finger pinches or knocks and bumps
  • Easy to use
Suitable from: 0 Months +

FREE SHIPPING on orders €49 and up!

When children are charging around their home expecting hazards to jump out of their way, it's time to make some adjustments and your home a safer place for them. The ClevaMama® ClevaDoor™ kit is a simple and essential piece of kit for protecting against knocks, pinches and pokes. The Door Stop prevents the door from slamming and catching little fingers. The clever hand guard can protect them from the protruding eye-level handles. An essential item for every home that has a charging hero on the loose.

Pack contains one door stop and 2 handle covers.

How to use:

ClevaDoor Kit Instructions

Door Stop: Open the door stop wide enough to fit over the opening side of your door above the handle and high enough so that your child cannot reach it. Door Handle

Guards: Dampen the inside of the handle guard to make fitting easier. Place the open end of the guard over the handle of the door and push around the bend of the handle. Coverage may vary depending on length of handle.

Safety is a shared responsibility. Although this product has been manufactured according to all safety standards and requirements, we need your help in order to keep your child safe and failure to follow these instructions for use may cause serious injury to your child.

Remember: When baby turns to toddler they become an "Expert Explorer" and it is important that they should never be left without adult supervision. This product is only a safety aid and you should discontinue use when your child is able to remove, open or operate this or any safety product.

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