On-The-Go Feeding Bottle
On-The-Go Feeding Bottle On-The-Go Feeding Bottle On-The-Go Feeding Bottle

On-The-Go Feeding Bottle

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  • Ideal hands free feeding while on the move, in a car seat, pram or shopping cart
  • Helps relieve colic and reflux by upright feeding and reduced air intake
  • An extra pair of hands for feeding multiple babies
Suitable from: 0 Months +

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The On-The-Go Feeding bottle was designed to assist us busy parents who are always out and about and on the go. There are times when two hands are just not enough! The On-The-Go Feeding Bottle allows your baby to be fed safely, while you keep your hands free for other tasks. It is ideal for use in a car seat, a pram or even the shopping trolley.

As recommended by paediatricians, an upright feeding position can also help relieve the extreme discomfort of colic and reflux, which infants and young babies commonly suffer with.

Paediatricians advise feeding your baby in an upright position to reduce the occurrence and effects of colic, reflux and ear infections. The revolutionary On-The-Go Feeding bottle makes this practice very simple. The bottle delivers a smooth flow of liquid, as the liquid is drawn from the bottom of the bottle and therefore less air intake helps to reduce the gas build up which can lead to problems like Colic. Using upright feeding will also help prevent liquids from pooling at the back of the throat and spilling into the immature Eustachian tube, which could cause ear infections.

When giving to your baby initially, using clean hands pump the liquid from the bottom of the bottle into the teat by depressing the teat to act as the pump. 


On-The-Go Feeding Bottle Instructions


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